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A practical education environment including world-standard business systems
Educational SAP System
■Cultivating truly practical talent via SAP's ERP package

IT education at traditional universities and graduate schools often lacks the perspective of "how can this be utilized in business?" In particular, until now there was no environment for pursuing education which could be utilized in real world IT concerned with actual business activities such as business and departmental integration. KCGI uses the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software from SAP AG of Germany, one of the world's leading ERP package venders, for education, and provides a practical study and research environment in order to cultivate high level practical human resources in the field of IT. This same ERP system is used by over 97,000 major companies around the world and boasts over a 50% market share in Japan alone.
Conventionally this system has been used by other academic institutions for providing education on business administration and information management. One of the features of KCGI, however, is that only KCGI, the first Japanese IT professional graduate school, uses this software in Japan to provide true ERP professional education which includes system development.


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