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Support System

Courses available through Next-Generation Education System e-Learning
Linking Sapporo/Tokyo with Kyoto, you can study anytime, anywhere

KCGI provides real time courses linking Sapporo and Tokyo with Kyoto using the latest e-learning system (synchronized e-learning). In addition, students can also study anytime, anywhere over the internet with study content stored on KING-LMS* (asynchronous e-learning).
*KING-LMS (KCG Information Network Galaxy-Learning Management System): KCGI's proprietary study management and support system which makes it possible to freely study content as desired.

Busy working adults can also study easily

In recent years the number of working adults seeking to improve their skills and change careers by studying at graduate schools while continuing to work is on the rise.
KCGI provides an education support system for students such as these so they may balance work and study and open up a path towards becoming web business professionals.