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Sanford Gold
Sanford Gold
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Michigan (USA)
  • Master of Arts, Ph.D., Doctor of Education, Columbia University (USA)
  • Senior Director of Learning Program, ADP, LLC.
  • Director of Learning, Prudential Financial, Inc.
  • Educational Consultant, EY

Kiyoshi Shibayama
Kiyoshi Shibayama
  • Full-Credit Status, PhD in Engineering, Kyoto University Graduate School (major in Information Engineering); Doctor of Engineering
  • Former Assistant Professor, Kyoto University; Former Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology; Former Dean of the Graduate School of Science and Technology,
  • Kyoto Institute of Technology;Emeritus Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology
  • Information Engineering Research Liaison Committee Member, Science Council of Japan; Examiner, JABEE; Special Committee Member, University Institution
  • Accreditation Evaluation Committee and National University Education Research Evaluation Committee, National Institution for Academic Degrees and University
  • Education; Special Committee Member, Examination Committee for Special Researchers, as well as Document Examiner, International Affairs Committee,
  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science; Chairperson of the Special Committee on Computer Systems Research

髙橋 豊 Yutaka Takahashi
Yutaka Takahashi
  • Bachelor of Engineering at Kyoto University, Master of Engineering (major in applied mathematics and physics) at Graduate School of Kyoto University, Withdrawal from Ph.D Program with Research Guidance Approval at Graduate School of Kyoto University (major in applied mathematics and physics), Doctor of Engineering, Kyoto University
  • Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University
  • Former Professor of Informatics Research, Kyoto University
  • Former Professor of Informatics Research, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
  • Former Visiting Professor, University of Paris-Sud (France)
  • Former Visiting Professor, French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation
  • Fellow, Operations Research Society of Japan
  • Project Leader, R&D project to develop integrated communication and broadcasting technology using multi-level-connected cable TV networks, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

髙橋 良英 Ryouei Takahashi
Ryouei Takahashi
  • Bachelor of Science, Master of Science (major in mathematics), Ph. D (engineering), Waseda University  
  • Former Professor of Systems Information Engineering, Hachinohe Institute of Technology
  • Former Research Advisor to Ph.D. Program, Hachinohe Institute of Technology
  • Former employee, NTT Yokosuka R&D Center
  • Former employee, NTT Secure Platform Laboratories

Masaya Takeda
Masaya Takeda
  • Bachelor of Agriculture from Rakuno Gakuen University
  • Head of the secretariat of All Nippon Information Industry Association Federation
  • Member of working group for human resource for informational local area in The Association for Promotion of Public Local Information and Communication
  • Head of the secretariat of The Association for Conservation of Environment in Hokkaido (NPO)
  • Head of the secretariat of The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics Sapporo Satellite

Yasuhiro Takeda
Yasuhiro Takeda
  • As one of the founders of Gainax Co., Ltd., one of Japan's foremost and most prolific animation companies, Professor Takeda has served as a director of the company since its inception.
  • Representative director of Gainax Kyoto Co., Ltd.
  • Director of Fukushima Gainax Co., Ltd.
  • Director of Fantasy and Art Museum Fukushima Sakura Yugakusha

Hisaya Tanaka
Hisaya Tanaka
  • Bachelor of Engineering from Waseda University    Former Acting Manager of System Support Division, Fujitsu Limited
  • Former Director of Fujitsu University
  • Former Executive Director and Manager of IT Human Resource Development Headquarters, Information-technology Promotion Agency
  • Certified as a senior educator by Japan Society for Engineering Education
  • Member of Project Planning Committee, Japan Society for Engineering Education Board Member of Mitou Foundation

Masayoshi Tezuka
Masayoshi Tezuka
  • Bachelor of Engineering from Osaka University
  • Master of Engineering from Osaka University
  • Former Senior Researcher of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
  • Former Senior Manager of Fujitsu Institute of Management Ltd.
  • Former Associate Professor of Information Engineering, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

Shozo Naito
Shozo Naito
  • Bachelor of Engineering from Kyoto University
  • Master of Engineering from Kyoto University
  • Former Chief Researcher at NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories
  • Advisory Professor of Korea Information Security Agency

Yumi Nakagawa
Yumi Nakagawa
  • Bachelor of Domestic Science from Kyoto Prefectural University
  • Career Development Advisor (CDA)
  • Member of Japan Career Development Association
  • Career Supporter of Association for Technical and Career Education
  • Principal of Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kamogawa Campus
  • Manager of Office of Student Services of Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kamogawa Campus
  • Supporter for local young people of Kyoto Prefecture
  • Advisor for preventing the use of drugs of Kyoto Prefecture
  • Dietitian
  • Former principal of Kyoto Computer Gakuin Rakuhoku Campus
  • Former counselor entrusted by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in “On-line counseling for working young people project”