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Professor Yasuhiro Takeda

Yasuhiro Takeda
Yasuhiro Takeda

Representative Director, GAINAX Kyoto K.K.
Representative Director, GAINAX WEST K.K.
General Manager, Fukushima GAINAX K.K. Sakura Yugakusha
Director, Sakura Yugakusha
Former Director and General Manager of
Animation Production Headquarters, GAINAX Co., Ltd.
Exploring business involving Japanese anime
Japanese anime and ICT.
In the Multimedia Content Business Program Group at KCGI, we explore the creation of new markets and business models combining these two ideas. Yasuhiro Takeda is a professor who teaches Advanced Topics in Anime Planning, Production, and Promotion. Professor Takeda participated in the founding of Gainax Co., Ltd., he has served as a company Director and General Manager of the Animation Production Headquarters. He is currently the Representative Director of GAINAX Kyoto K.K. As an animation producer, Professor Takeda has been involved in numerous productions, including the video game Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagunn, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, and Hanamaru Kindergarten. He also produced a television commercial celebrating the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the KCG Group in collaboration with Gainax.
Business is a question of "How much funding will it gather?"
- What would you say is the keyword in making anime a business?
My main job was as a producer of animation planning at Gainax. I create anime proposals, negotiate with companies with which we would like to work to determine broadcasting slots, and ensure a specific budget. Once a production is done, it is important to think how much funding it will gather. I suppose you could say that executing that is a business.
- Please tell us what got you involved in anime.
I've had great success in the planning of the productions Gurren Lagann and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. But I didn't plan to do this type of job. In college I studied something completely different. Before I knew it, the events and independent productions I enjoyed doing in college had become my job. That's why I still feel like I'm doing interseting things even now. I have decided to never forget the idea of "taking the initiative in fun and interesting things" from my amateur years.
- Please give us a message for students who wish to study anime.
Planning and producing anime requires a lot of energy. In addition, gathering funds and producing anime brings with it responsibility. Productions involve people looking at your work, receiving criticism, gathering funds, and bringing your company into the black. Thinking that far is the finished form of a plan. Believing that as long as you make a production, you are OK is just self-satisfaction. A production is only complete when it has been critiqued. Criticism can be aimed not only at your production but everything you release into the world, including your actions and words. That is why I ask students interested in studying anime to study with the spirit needed to fully face the criticisms one receives.
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