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The introduction of IT (ICT) which is of a high level compared to traditional IT in accordance with the increasing sophistication of IT (particularly the diffusion of web business technology) is now a challenge faced by the world of industry. Specifically, there is a movement towards utilizing IT (ICT) not merely as a means of improving business but rather in the creation of high level business strategies. This means the introduction of IT at the top levels of business management; the human resources involved in this will require both high level knowledge and skills and at the same time high level management sense.
KCGI has created curriculums designed to cultivate the high level IT talent required by industry. Graduates of KCGI are expected to work in IT-related occupations such as the following.


CIO (Chief Information Officer)
As the implementation of IT in companies grows and IT increasingly comes to support the basis of business management, companies are increasingly seeking CIOs who will draft IT strategies and play a part in company management. CIOs are high level professionals who take part in the design of company management strategies, develop information strategies aimed at creating environments which enable the realization of said management strategies, and turn the diverse array of management knowhow possessed by the company into effective information systems.
Project Manager
As a leader of projects promoting the introduction of IT, the role of the project manager is important. Project managers are high level professionals who consider the effective utilization of internal management resources, possess the ability to comprehensively manage and optimize the same, and introduce the latest information technology as appropriate. As such, project managers must possess extensive knowledge about both IT and business management. In addition, as project managers often participate in cross-department projects involving numerous people of different positions, they also require high level communication and leadership abilities.
System Integration Consultant
Due to a lack of in-house IT talent, the demand for external consultants in introducing IT in Japanese companies is growing. System integration consultants are high level professionals who provide consulting concerning business system planning in accordance with the management strategies of the client company and who possess the skills needed to efficiently implement links between companies which will help them to succeed in today's fiercely competitive international business environment. As system integration consultants must understand and respond appropriately to client needs, they must have strong IT, management, and communication skills.
Web Marketing Professional
Web marketing professionals are high level professionals who execute e-business and possess the web skills to create e-business sites, the ability to draft strategies for providing services over the internet, and the marketing techniques needed to understand consumers' internet behavior. Web marketing professionals must have a wealth of knowledge concerning business transactions as well as advanced knowledge and skills concerning networks such as distribution systems and web security.
Senior SE, Web System Architect
Senior SEs are engineers who assist project managers and also manage their own projects. Senior SEs must have a deep understanding not only of technology but also management factors such as costs and workflow. Web system architects follow the instructions of project managers and senior SEs to engage in the actual development of systems, harnessing the latest IT skills.
Content Production Manager
Content Production Managers oversee project teams in the production of media contents, such as movies, animation and game software. Firstly, a proposal is drafted, then production negotiations are initiated with the company with the cooperation of the team, and a concrete budget is secured. Also, Content Production Managers must plan how they can recover this funding using the finished product, and execute this plan. This requires the capacity to analyze past project performance and current market conditions, and the leadership to organize a team to execute your plan.
System Architect
System architects are high level professionals who analyze the issues involved in the IT strategy drafts of companies, create frameworks for finding solutions, and design new system architecture which integrates increasingly complex existing systems. System architects play a central role connecting the strategy drafts of companies with actual system development. As such, they require not only IT skills but also extensive knowledge of business, administration, and management.
Information Security Consultant
Information networks are indispensable infrastructure to making e-commerce and an IoT a reality. However, the security risks to these networks are also continuing to expand. An Information Security Consultant offers advice and support to customers in formulating information security policies and in securing information assets. To understand the conditions the customer faces, and to respond appropriately to these, an Information Security Consultant requires management and communication abilities.