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Features of KCGI


Truly master practical skills useful in society

■ Curriculum design adapted to the needs of industry and the rapid changes in IT (ICT)

At KCGI, curriculums, course designs, and instructional designs are created with advice from specialists both inside and outside the school in order to promote education adapted to the needs of industry. In addition, world-class, cutting-edge IT education curriculums are imported and jointly developed based on our collaboration with the Rochester Institute of Technology in the United States in order to adapt to the rapid changes in IT (ICT).

■ Thoroughly practice-based curriculum composition

In order to cultivate human resources who possess both IT (ICT) and management skills, KCGI takes into consideration students' ability to take many classes not only in the field of IT but also subjects related to business such as management and economics. In their final year, students at KCGI plan and implement a project in place of a master's thesis, acquiring the high level skills needed to establish their careers.

■ Adoption of effective education methods through the use of both e-learning and in-person classes

With powerful support from professors from Columbia University in the United States, KCGI aims to realize world-class, high-level IT education. Stressing flexibility even in the way classes are taught and taken, courses are practical and varied in composition, including case studies, fieldwork, group work, and discussions. In addition, KCGI has established a full-fledged e-learning studio and implements effective education through the use of both e-learning and in-person classes.


Courses are available not only in Japanese but also in English

Our College hosts exchange students from many different countries, and we offer numerous courses in English, making for an easy learning experience for exchange students. We welcome many top-rated faculties from overseas, and they form the basis for the expansion of IT business to the global stage. You may even meet someone from overseas here that could be a potential business partner in the future.


Study a good balance of IT (ICT) and management.

■ Cultivating professionals in the fields of both information and management

Talented individuals possessing both IT (ICT) skills, with web technology as a mainstay, and management skills, such as management strategy creation, are in demand in the modern business scene. KCGI cultivates professionals who understand such specialized fields as information and management. Curriculums are organized so that students can study a good balance of information and management courses as is appropriate to their individual backgrounds.


Take on a global perspective and open up your life.

■ Courses conducted by leaders in the field of IT from around the world

IT business is a field developing globally and across national boundaries. KCGI invites top class professors from regions around the world including North America and Asia to help students acquire an international perspective. KCGI concludes scholarly exchange agreements and business collaborations with universities around the world, including the Rochester Institute of Technology in the United States and the Graduate School of Information Security at Korea University, which is one of the top programs in the world in the field of information security. KCGI is also focused on the development of international relations, including engaging in joint research and international symposiums.

■ Cultivate an international perspective through interaction with students from around the world

Since our establishment, many students from around the world have entered and studied at KCGI in the pursuit of a world-class, cutting-edge IT education. By learning together with students assembled from countries across the globe, you will cultivate diverse viewpoints and create the foundation for globally developing and expanding the IT businesses of the future. Many foreign students seek to start their own companies in their home countries after graduation and our professors, with business experience in nations around the world, provide guidance suited to the conditions of each country.


Take courses based on practical experience.

In order to cultivate professionals, KCGI appoints many practically experienced faculty such as instructors with experience working as CIOs at major companies. Our teaching staff cultivate students' practical skills through courses based on their actual experience. Students acquire comprehensive professional skills while increasing their understanding of the latest theories and technologies directly connected to practical usage.


Change career paths and flourish in the field of IT.

■ KCGI accepts students from a wide range of fields

KCGI does not set limits on what fields applicants majored in, accepting students from a wide range of fields in the humanities and the sciences. KCGI supports students from all backgrounds and has prepared elective courses appropriate to the existing knowledge, skills, and needs of students. In addition, KCGI also has a system for working adults to continue studying while employed. KCGI offers the opportunity to change career paths, something which has traditionally not been properly provided by graduate schools in Japan.

■ Take classes appropriate to the knowledge you bring to KCGI

Students of all skill levels in IT study at KCGI, from humanities graduates with virtually no knowledge of computers to working adults flourishing as SEs in the IT industry. KCGI offers the optimum course pattern for each individual student based on their existing skills in IT and future goals. This makes it possible even for students without a prior background in the field to comfortably reach their goals
in stages. Students who already possess basic knowledge of the field can begin their studies with more specialized courses, making it possible to effectively grow and extend their skills.


Harness your studies to flourish in society.

■ Making your ideal job a reality with thorough individual guidance

KCGI makes it possible for students to find employment after graduation. Professors provide guidance, harnessing their experience and connections in industry and providing recommendations to companies through individual interviews with students to help them achieve their ideal job. In addition, KCGI provides a wide variety of support for students looking to start their own company, including providing the knowhow needed to establish, manage and operate a business.

■ Cultivation of a business network between graduates

Each year KCGI produces numerous and highly diverse graduates focused on the keyword of IT, and KCGI also concentrates on cultivating a business network composed of these graduates. KCGI establishes numerous opportunities to engage in group work during students' tenure with the goal that students will harness each other's unique skills after graduation and cooperate in business development and expansion.