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Site Policy

■ Regarding Management and Operation

This website is managed and operated by the KCG Group Public Relations Department.

■ Regarding Links

Linking to this website is in principle free, but please contact the KCG Group Public Relations Department in advance with your desire to link to our site. In the event the KCG Group judges that the webpage linking to our site violates public order or accepted principles of morality, or if it contains content which slanders or damages the trust and credibility of the KCG Group or represents other problems, the link will be rejected. Furthermore, be aware in advance that if the linking creates any trouble or other problems, this institution will absolve itself of all responsibility and may change or delete the content of the various pages, URLs, and other components without prior notification.

■ Regarding Copyright

Websites other than those of the KCG Group to which links from this website point are managed and operated on their own organizational responsibility, and the KCG Group accepts no responsibility with regard to damage caused when users utilize the websites of the link destinations. Use the websites in accordance with their usage policies and at your own risk.
This website merely offers links to those websites as a matter of convenience to our users and does not recommend or promote the use of the websites, their listed products or services, or other content.  In addition, these links do not necessarily imply that there is any business tie up, cooperative relationship, or other special relationship between the KCG Group and the website of the link destination.  Be aware that all information contained in this website is protected by the Japanese Copyright Act, the Trademark Act, and other laws, and that except for instances approved by laws and ordinances, it may not be used (replicated or modified) without permission from the KCG Group.

■ Regarding Security

This website is protected by SSL security, and has acquired a VeriSign Secure Server ID. Any personal information offered by you is strictly managed by the KCG Group and used in compliance with laws and ordinances.

■ Recommended Environment (Browser)

This website makes exhaustive efforts to ensure that it can be viewed in all environments. The following browsers are recommended to ensure a more sound and reliable usage of the website:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari, latest version
  • Firefox, latest version
  • Google Chrome, latest version
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher

■ Regarding Collection of Access Logs and Use of Cookies

This website collects access logs from the perspectives of statistical data collection and security protection in order to create a better site. Furthermore, this website may use cookies at times.

■ Regarding Plugins

This website contains content that requires plugins for videos, animation, PDF, and other media. Dedicated software must be installed to view these types of content.

■ Disclaimers

  1. This institution does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, usefulness, or legitimacy of the information, software, and other elements that can be accessed through this site, and accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of them.
  2. In the event a user becomes involved in a dispute legally or socially with a third party through the use of this site, this institution accepts no responsibility for the dispute.
  3. This institution accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that occurs due to suspension of operations caused by typhoons, earthquakes, or other natural disasters or wars, riots, civil war, or other social upheaval, revision of laws, ordinances, rules, and other measures or actions taken by government institutions, as well as suspension of operations due to malfunctions of communication lines, malfunctions of electrical equipment and facilities, repair and maintenance work on the system or related equipment and facilities.
  4. In the event a user suffers loss or damage due to a third party when using this site, the user and third party must take responsibility themselves for the matter and not file any claims against this institution.

■ Privacy Policy

As the significance of personal information increases with the advancement of information technology nowadays, this institution will handle personal information in accordance with the following basic policies:

  1. We will engage and treat personal information based on the concept of respect for the individual;
  2. We will obtain personal information through legitimate and acceptable means.
  3. We will manage and utilize the personal information we collect in an appropriate manner in order to realize more effective education;
  4. We will thoroughly protect the personal information we gather from disclosure or infringement on the privacy of the individual to whom it relates contrary to that person’s wishes and intentions;
  5. In addition to working to raising the awareness of personal information among our staff and students, we will also establish official regulations for protecting personal information as well as create organizational systems and conduct continuous reviews of such; 
  6. We will obey laws and other acts and ordinances related to protecting personal information.

■ Inquiries

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